Friday, April 17, 2009


Good Movie! Go see it!!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gardening and Tanning

With summer quickly approaching, I made it my weekend goal to work on getting a tan. Today's weather was one of those perfect spring days that made you excited for summer.

My morning was spent at our weekly backyard bible club followed by lunch on the patio at Chipotle. My afternoon was spent gardening with a friend. I must say I have not gardened since I was little and I did not remember it being this hardcore. The bags of compost and soil seemed just as heavy as they were when I was 8. Especially after mixing together 8 different types of compost severeal times. The racking, mixing and shoveling gave my arms a good work out for the day.

Sadly I only have a slight sunburn on my face to show for my day in the sun. The tan that I thought I might have gotten disappeared after I washed the pounds of dirt off my arms, legs and face after my friend kindly told me that I was a little dirty and I couldn't go out in public like that. Maybe I should have gone with an afternoon nap instead... however all in all a good day!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Introduction...

I have finally decided to join the rest of the world and get a blog. I am not one to put all my thoughts on the internet but my friend designed me a very cute blog so alas here I am. I must say I feel like I am back in the Xanga days.

About me and where the title came from...

I work at an inner city non-profit where needless to say I have a very opposite background compared to the people I come in contact with. Honestly, I would have never thought this is where I would end up but God has taught me to never say never. At this non profit, I am the children's director where I run an after school program with 40 energetic children as well as do backyard bible clubs in the projects. I love every second of it! There is never a dull moment and always a good story when working with kids. Especially the ones I work with. Most of all I have loved seeing how God can break down barriers as well as his love for the people of the city. It has been an interesting journey so far with more to come.

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